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Host Organism
Triticum aestivum (Wheat)
Trait Introduction
Chemically induced seed mutagenesis
Proposed Use

Production for human consumption and livestock feed.

Product Developer
Cyanamid Crop Protection

Summary of Regulatory Approvals

Country Food Feed Environment Notes
Canada 1999 1999 1998

Summary of Introduced Genetic Elements Expand

Code Name Type Promoter, other Terminator Copies Form
als acetolactate synthase MUT native AHAS Selected following chemical mutagenesis with NaN3

Characteristics of Triticum aestivum (Wheat) Expand

Center of Origin Reproduction Toxins Allergenicity
Asia Minor, Tigris-Euphrates drainage basin of the Middle East, as well as the regions of southern Caucasus and Crimea. Primarily self-pollinated (autogamous). Some outcrossing by wind-pollination of less than 10%. Seed does not display dormancy. Phytic acid, trypsin inhibitor, lectins. Gliadins responsible for celiac enteropathy. Glutenins and gliadins (e.g., the IgE-inducing alpha-gliadin).

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Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Plant Biotechnology Office Health Canada, Office of Food Biotechnology

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