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Host Organism
Nicotiana tabacum (Tobacco)
Trade Name
ITB 1000 OX

Herbicide tolerant, oxynil.

Trait Introduction
Agrobacterium tumefaciens-mediated plant transformation.
Proposed Use

Production for cigarette manufacturing and smoking material.

Product Developer
Societe National d'Exploitation des Tabacs et Allumettes

Summary of Regulatory Approvals

Country Food Feed Environment Notes
European Union

Summary of Introduced Genetic Elements Expand

Code Name Type Promoter, other Terminator Copies Form
bxn nitrilase HT RuBisCo SSU from Helianthus annuus nopaline synthase gene terminator from Agrobacterium tumefaciens pTiA6

Characteristics of Nicotiana tabacum (Tobacco) Expand

Center of Origin Reproduction Toxins Allergenicity

The species is indigenous to the Americas.

Flowers are generally self-pollinated, but insects can facilitate cross-pollilnation.

Nicotine, a highly toxic substance, is synthesized in the roots of the tobacco and transported to the leaves.

Exposure to tobacco plants has been observed to cause allergic symptoms in people with other plant allergies.

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