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CERA's database of safety information includes not only plants produced using recombinant DNA technologies (e.g., genetically engineered or transgenic plants), but also plants with novel traits that may have been produced using more traditional methods, such as accelerated mutagenesis or plant breeding. These latter plants are only regulated in Canada.

Also, please note that regulatory approval should not be interpreted as an indication that the product is in commercial production. There are many examples of products that were granted regulatory approval but were never commercialized, or if they were, have been subsequently discontinued.

Performing a Search

There are eight search criteria, and they can be used in any combination. Multiple search terms may be selected from a single dropdown list by holding down the Ctrl key while clicking on the list terms. Multiple search terms selected from the same list are treated as if they are connected by the Boolean operator “OR.” Search terms selected from different lists are treated as if they are connected by “AND.”

For example, selecting “Alfalfa,” “Argentine Canola,” and “Cotton” from the Crop Plant list and “Herbicide tolerance” and “Lepidopteran resistance” from the Trait list will perform the following search:

(Alfalfa OR Argentine Canola OR Cotton) AND (Herbicide tolerance OR Lepidopteran resistance)

When specifying the years of approval, the year in the right-hand field must be the same or later than the year in the left-hand field.

Citation for the Database

ILSI Research Foundation. (2017). GM Crop Database. ILSI Research Foundation, Washington D.C.